James Ritchie has always had an interest in art and photography. As a youngster, he was constantly drawing, trying to emulate MAD Magazine artists, and taking snapshots with the family's Kodak bellows camera. While at sea in the U. S. Navy in 1968, he purchased a state-of-the-art and pro's choice Nikon-F 35mm camera and lenses. Photography remained an interest after his Navy service, but it took a back seat to family life and a career in an unrelated field.

It wasn't until after he retired that Mr. Ritchie was able to devote himself to serious artistic endeavors. During the two decades since, he has taken an autodidactic path from snapshooting to fine art photography. His award-winning work, which is exhibited regionally and nationally, is enjoyed by an international audience and owned in a growing number of corporate, commercial, and private collections.
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